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Free Shipping Aus-wide on any order $60+
25 Years of the Asics Kayano - the Evolution of a Legend

25 Years of the Asics Kayano - the Evolution of a Legend

The Asics Kayano is a shoe that needs no introduction, it's clearly been around for quite some time and lived through some of the world's most memorable moments. Widely regarded as the leader in the running scene - the 25th edition has new updates that make this the most enjoyable Kayano to run in ever and more applicable for an even wider audience than previous models allowed.

In short, a variety of updates from the Kayano 24 equate to a springy, responsive toe off when running whilst retaining that beautiful cushion & support that Kayano wearers know and love. The extra reactivity is achieved through the use of the new "Flytefoam Propel" material in the forefoot of the shoe. 

The result? Fast and springy when you are running well, soft and spongey when fatigue kicks in. Asics have truly created a shoe that combines the best of both worlds.

The other noticeable update is the new 'last' or shape of the shoe. Over the years, the Kayano has developed a reputation for being a 'narrow' or 'pointy' shoe. For the runners with a squarer foot, the shoe wasn't as accommodating as they needed.  For the 25th update; the toe-box has more depth, that allows so many more foot types to experience the amazing cushion and support that Kayano lovers are already so aware of.  

To round it out they have added an improved upper, jacquard mesh that allows for better breathability and also adds to the extra responsiveness of this model. We also have to add that we think these are the best looking edition released to date and we can't wait to see where these shoes go moving forward.

In summary, there are so many good things to say about the Kayano 25 but the best way to experience them is to put a pair on your feet!
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