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City 2 Surf Shoe Guide

City 2 Surf Shoe Guide

We had the staff of Pace Athletic pick out their favourite shoe to run the City2Surf in. From support and comfort to speed and response, we have something for every type of runner to achieve their best result possible in the City2Surf 2018.



You can’t go past the old faithful.

The 25th version of this shoe retains that beautful Asics Gel cushioning,
meaning it’s easily got enough cushion for your 14 kilometre slog, but the all-new flytefoam propel forefoot means you will have a new spring to your step; both literally and figuratively. I believe that’s the most important update to this model, the ability to keep the structure that I trust in a kayano coupled with increase in propulsion. Could you ask for a better combo?

Knowing that the Kayano has such a durable outsole means that I can do all my training in them, and still have fresh shoes for race day. I always try to race in a well-worn pair of shoes, there’s nothing more rookie than busting out a fresh pair of shoes for race day without knowing how your feets and legs will work with them. The support the Kayano gives in the hills is ideal for when I make it over Heartbreak Hill and have those winding downhills to get through before the finish. We tend to get a bit sloppy with our running style when we are tired so having that extra support in the heel is ideal to counter this.

The City2 surf is known to get muggy, so between throwing on a new pair of Le Bent Socks and having the updated Jacquard mesh upper I can be pretty certain that my feet won’t get too hot. Another huge plus in my books with these shoes is that I can honestly say that I have never had a blister in Kayano’s, which, when you’re really hauling it can be a major issue. I’m so stoked that Asics have furthered the technology in the Kayano, they’ve basically taken the go-to running shoe and added some undeniable speed to it. Look out for these blue bad boy’s at the starting line!



The Zante’s are known for being lightweight, cushioned and most importantly fast. Over the relatively short distance the City 2 Surf covers (14km) these shoes will give you everything you need on the day to get the best results possible, and I promise you post-race recovery is no issue, leaving you to enioy the day. Plus an added bonus, they also happen to look fantastic on foot!



Where do I start with the Kinvara 9? This model is slowly building a legacy as one of the best go-to all rounders. It’s soft yet responsive, provides excellent cushioning during those tougher parts of your run and has an upper that hugs your foot to evade any slide. I de nitely back this shoe for all of my road training and am con dent in it’s ability to ensure me the best results.



The Wave Inspire 14 is all about durability and comfort. As with many updates this season focus has been put into improving the upper with additional breathability and exibility in the jacquard mesh. The famous wave plate technology Mizuno is known for adds to the stability and smoothness of this shoe, you’ll know what I mean when you try it. From the strike to push this shoe will have you oating across the line, no dramas!



To say the Brooks Ghost 11 was a surprise would be the understatement of the century!
Straight out of the box, the t and new upper material felt amazing. First impressions are a super cushioned feel whilst remaining light and allowing the runner (me) to maintain a decent foot strike. Like many of us, after a few kms I tend to fall back on my heels. This is when I really noticed the new DNA loft foam taking the brunt of the impact, but in no way did it make the shoe feel sluggish.
A do anything shoe for your everyday punter! Could be the number 1 pick for City to Surf.


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