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Is The North Face RKT the fastest trail shoe on the market?

Posted: Apr 20 2018

Words by William Austin-Cray

The Flight RKT is the lightest shoe in the new The North Face range this season. A collaboration with TNF ultra runner - Rob Krar, this shoe screams speed. A seriously lightweight shoe (218grams) for those looking to be a bit more nimble on the trails. Even speedy road runners would appreciate this shoe. 

What’s it like to run in? Comfortable. There’s enough cushioning to take you to a marathon and beyond should you need to. Surprisingly stable for a shoe so light but as expected flexible in the forefoot. 

The RKT carries a safe and secure fit across the mid foot regardless of the terrain. TNF guys have even included a thin racing tongue for you that fits like a soft second sock. You do also get some long laces. There’s still some room in the front too. A round shaped breathable upper gives you plenty of insurance for your poor toenails and any nasty blisters. 

Doesn’t look too grippy? Wrong!!! Even though this shoe is designed more for your Aussie trails (harder packed and dryer conditions), it was surprisingly good on rocky technical sections as well. It will absolutely eat up the kms on single track, and fire trails will be behind you before you know it. But don’t get me wrong, The RKT isn’t exactly the kind of shoe to go trudging in the sloppy mud and puddles in. In all honestly its a shoe far more nimble than that. 

Now there is not many people that have the privilege of the trails being at their front step. So how does it go on the tarmac? On the road, it feels simply like a road shoe. Grippy on the trail and not sloppy on the road. You don’t get any squeaking either. Once on the road or any harder surface for that matter, the lightweight cushioning really flourishes and feels soft yet responsive. 

Overall The North Face Flight RKT is a trail racing shoe with personality that can do it all. Be prepared to break all your records, you’re going to want to try this one. 

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  • Posted by Arvin Matutina on August 16, 2018

    I agree on the last point. I’ve broken a lot of my personal best on these shoes. 2 things I dislike would be the tongue, takes longer to flatten the side of the tongue than usual as it’s a thin layer. And I find that the back sole of the shoe really comes off easily.

    Overall I give this shoe 4.5/5.

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