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FREE SHIPPING Australia wide on any order $100+
Picking your footwear with Kendrick Louis

Picking your footwear with Kendrick Louis

1. What Roles do shoes play in your training?

Running is the highest impact training that you will do, shoes keep my joints and muscels safe from injury. The cushion in the shoes I wear is the only thing between my feet and the road during my running training. They play a very important role.

2. What is the importance of running in your training program?

I currently run approximately 4 hours per week split into 5 sessions. I usually do a total of 15 sessions in my training week. Running is one of the most important aspects of my week as it's not only great general conditioning but helps all other parts of my training.

3. Do you have different shoes for different kinds of training?

All of my longer runs are in a highly cushioned shoe which is a godsend on the bigger training weeks. My speed-work and shorter runs are mostly on the grass, as I race barefoot, I need to feel the ground in training.

4. How do you go about selecting the right shoe? 

In my younger years I only picked on colour, but after a year of shin-splints, and a year of physio, I discovered that not all shoes are created equal. The importance of a properly fitted shoe has become increasingly important for me; There is so much to know about shoes these days, and the shoes are always progressing, ask somewhere that knows their stuff

5. What does it feel like when you are wearing the wrong shoe?

My legs were killing in the wrong shoe! After too long trying to fix these issues thinking my shin-splints were unrelated to my shoes, it took a long time to get back to 100%. You only get one set of feet, and you need to look after them. Injuries can take a long time to get right. 

6. How many shoes do you have on rotation and why?

Currently have 4 pairs on rotation with varying amounts of wear. Changing your shoes to suit your training (i.e more cushion for longer distances), not only helps with fatigue and comfort, but is great for injury prevention. Different shoes keep your feet and lower-limbs guessing and therefore making them stronger. Strength is vital to staying fit & Healthy. 

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