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Free Shipping Aus-wide on any order $60+
Salomon Sense Ride 2 Review by Tim Locke

Salomon Sense Ride 2 Review by Tim Locke

This is only the second Salomon shoe I've had my feet in, after spending most of 2018 logging kilometers in the Salomon S-Lab Ultra. Having had a positive experience with that model meant that I was both curious and excited to see how the Sense Ride 2 would feel.
Full disclosure, I took this shoe straight out of the box on Mount Solitary Ultra race morning. 'Nothing new on race day' is the saying that floats around running circles and for good reason - it can be risky and usually unnecessary introducing new things on race day. What better environment to test a shoe than a tough mountain race?

First Impressions
The shoe feels light, is visually well engineered and also stylish enough to satisfy those runners who want their shoe to look as good as it feels. 

The Upper
Sliding your foot into the shoe feels like putting on a sock. The shoe comfortably wraps around your foot and secures easily with the Quicklace system. On race day I secured the laces, tucked them away in the pouch on the tongue of the shoe and didn't think once about having to loosen or tighten them mid-run. 
The upper also breathes well and drains well. I jumped waist depth through a river and the shoe didn't feel heavy, hold water, nor did it feel hot after a couple of hours of running during the heat of the day. 

The Midsole
The Sense Ride 2 sits right in that sweet spot of having enough cushion to handle the forces associated with running but not too much that you're losing touch with the feel of the ground you're covering. Essentially the midsole is built to handle everyday training volume but also feels sleek enough to satisfy those runners that want to feel light, without sacrificing comfort. 

The Outsole
Grip! The outsole handles dry fire trails, rocks, tree roots, mud, and even road. I put the shoe through all of these elements and didn't once lose trust in the grip, which allowed me to focus more on the process of running and less on how confident I was in my next foot placement. The shoe would also work well as a door to trail shoe, as the outsole doesn't feel foreign running on sections of road or concrete. 

Post Test Thoughts
The shoe is a great all-rounder and would be a great choice for someone transitioning from a road shoe to a trail shoe for the first time or an experienced runner who is curious and has no previous experience with the Salomon range. 

Weight: 270G (mens US 10) 

Heel-Toe Drop: 8mm

Midsole Height:  Heel 27mm, Forefoot 19mm
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