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Free Shipping Aus-wide on any order $60+
Stueys 5 Essentials for Ultra-Trail Australia Pace 22

Stueys 5 Essentials for Ultra-Trail Australia Pace 22

Ultra-Trail Australia is just around the corner - and that means it's nearly that time of the year when an equal combination of nervousness, and excitement kicks in. 
It's that feeling of 'damn, i ate alot over christmas' and 'I better start training!"
For many, the Pace Athletic 22 is their introduction into trail-running events or the first time attempting the half-marathon-and-a-bit distance. 

For trail-races, the right equipment is obviously super-important. Comfort is king, and nutrition is essential. The difference between the right, and wrong gear can be the difference between smashing your goal, or finishing!

I've compiled my "5 essentials", so take a peek and see why I recommend these products to get you through UTA Pace Athletic 22 (or the 50, or the 100k!) 


1 - Salomon Sense Ride.
Trail shoes, for me, are always a battle between cushion and 'feel'. I like a shoe to feel soft underfoot, but when there is too much shoe, i feel a disconnect from the uneven earth and therefore risk tripping or slipping. To date, the sense ride, for me is the perfect mix of cushion and 'feel'. A bit wider than your traditional Salomon shoe, but with the bulletproof, french build quality, i know this is a shoe I can use for training miles and race day. 
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2 - Le Bent Definitive Run Light Micro
Running an 'el cheapo sock in a premium running shoe is akin to putting crappy tyres on a sports car. A good pair of running socks adds to the comfort of a running shoe, which, lets be honest, if you're spending 3-30 hours in them, makes alot of difference. They also avoid the dreaded blisters, and last longer! 
The Le-Bent sock has a bamboo, merino and nylon blend which means it's gonna keep my feet cushioned, and dry. 
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3 - Salt Stick Chews
I cramp. I just have to think about those nine-hundred-and-fifty-one stairs and I start to cramp. 
These chews are easy to carry, and easy to digest. For some they are the "break glass in case of emergency" nutrition, for me, I'll much on one every hour to keep the cramps at bay. Always carry more than you need so if it's a hot day, or you're sweating alot, you can up your intake and avoid the dreaded cramps. 

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4 - Salomon Advanced Skin 5 set
This is an easy one for me. There are literally hundreds of hydration packs on the market but I keep wearing this one for one reason above all - comfort. 
Nothing fits me as good as the Salomon advanced skin hydration packs and my trusty pack has a little red dust on it after getting me through the larapinta stage race. 
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5 - Clif Shot Bloks
Another simple one. Calories in the easiest form. 
Shot bloks taste good, are easy to carry/use and don't come with the sticky mess or gut cramps that gels can deliver. I've always used these and can't see myself changing anytime soon 
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