Run Club FAQs

"Am I fit enough?"

YES!! We cater for all levels of fitness and we encourage anyone & everyone to come along. If you feel like walking, then walk, if you feel like running - run! 

Our focus is on enjoyment and getting to know our community.

"How far do you run?"

We normally will cover 5-9 kilometres depending on your speed.

The route usually involves a loop or a repetition (rep) that accounts for 50% of the total distance - as a way of letting everyone run at their own pace whilst keeping the group together - giving everyone an enjoyable but challenging run. 

"When is it?"

Every week as per the above schedule. We run rain, hail shine. 

The only time we don't run is during electrical storms.

"Is it free?"

Our Run Clubs are completely free. We will never charge you for participating in Run Club because we want it to be a fun, social community event with no pressure!

“How do I join?”

All you need to do is show up when we start. It’s as simple as that!


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