What do you say to one of your best mates when he calls you up from the other side of the world and says ‘Hey lets open a running shop?’

That was the question put to Stu in 2013 whilst he was travelling and working in Sweden repairing and installing ATM machines. The pair already had a mens streetwear label together called ‘Trasa’ so it made sense to stay in business together. The man on the other end of the phone, Will Hatton hailing from Mitchells Island near Taree agreed.

“Stu and I met working at Surfection in Mosman a few years prior and after leaving to manage the old Footpoint (Now the location of Pace Athletic Mosman) the opportunity soon arose to take over from the previous owners and make it our own”.

Jumping at the chance they went straight to work. By renovating and rebranding the store themselves, they completely revitalised the original shop on a tight budget. The doors opened for the first time as Pace Athletic in October 2013 and the duo havn’t looked back. With the goal to create a very community orientated business the guys made a conscious effort to engage the various local running groups, supported charity events and began organising running clubs. On community Stu states “We ‘owe it to our community to give back, in essence community is what makes pace...pace”

Now with 5 stores around Sydney and a powerful presence in the specialty running scene, the new kids on the block are looking to further their impact in Australia’s ever growing running market. “We see pace growing continuously but never outgrowing its core philosophy: stay true to what we do by being the smallest of the biggest and being connected to our community.”


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